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Sheila works with successful coaches to help them leverage their current businesses and grow their impact and income. Specifically, Sheila uses her proven process to ensure a client's success in leverage their business. This proven process is called Program Certification Formula.


“Inspiring … informative … motivating” This is how program participants describe Sheila Paxton. Recognized as an influential “training renegade” by Working Woman magazine, Sheila has a gift for capturing an audience’s attention and keeping participants riveted on critical concepts and tools for moving ahead successfully.


Sheila Paxton, an award-winning entrepreneur and relationship coach, is also a published author. Her first book, Getting Past Jaded, is a healing, modern day parable of one woman’s quest to rediscover love.

About Sheila

Sheila Paxton is an award-winning entrepreneur and instructional designer. Her passion is product development and business building. She has been a student of instructional design for many years, and has developed customized, high impact training products for organizations such as AT&T, American Express, Proctor & Gamble, and CNA insurance, to name a few.
She has launched three successful companies, and led operations at seven other firms. As a business innovator, Sheila has received industry awards for general excellence, best employer, best training product and most innovative business strategies.
She was recognized as an influential “training renegade” by Working Woman magazine, and is a sought-after speaker on business trends and best practices for conferences and executive briefings worldwide.
Sheila comes from an entrepreneurial lineage, where business ownership goes back three generations. From her early childhood, Sheila learned the importance of developing and maintaining partnerships with clients based on building strong relationships.
As a business owner, consultant, organizational development specialist, and product developer, Sheila has spent the past 18 years working with all sizes of companies, and has spent a majority of her time with C-level executives.
In 1998, when the internet was still young, Sheila had the foresight to see that web-based technologies could be leveraged to deliver just-in-time web-based training at a fraction of the cost of live training. She invested $5,000 and gathered the support of three colleagues to launch the Institute for Performance Excellence, where she provided customized web-based training to Fortune 100 companies, as well as small business.  After just two years, Sheila and her team grew the company to 100 employees with revenues over $6.5 million a year.
During the technology boom, Sheila sold her company and launched an organization focused on building excellent programs for business and personal relationships.  She has recently added her newest offering – Product Certification Formula, which allows coaches to multiply their impact by certifying other coaches to teach their signature programs. Sheila supports coaches to expand their businesses by developing global brand ambassadors – the newly certified coaches.
Sheila has been praised as a professional speaker, coach, and author.  Her mission is to have fun and be of service. Her life’s practice allows her to do both.

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